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Shan Coleman

Shan Coleman is a well-known Reggae artist based out of Seattle, WA. His music resonates deeply thanks to his original heartfelt lyrics and unique cord arrangements. Producing music that is poignant yet positive, Shan Coleman plays catchy beats that manifest harmony and attract an aesthetic appeal.

After surviving a childhood filled with painful struggles he left home at the age of 13 to start a new life. Shan found refuge by the ocean and looked to a tree to provide shelter. He was later recognized on the beach for playing music by a fisherman named Doggie who mentored Shan and offered him a job at sea. Traveling, the profound poetry of the Rasta and the natural beauty of Jamaica inspired Shan to write more music about unity and solidarity. Singing became his passion and career.

Shan has performed with the likes of Maxi Priest, Queen Omega, The Wailers, and Winston Jerrett, and has traveled throughout the world to play his music.

Shan’s passion speaks to an appreciation of music, the deep connectedness of the human experience, and love for himself and others. Life has taught him to trust, proving again and again that if you speak you will be heard. Hardship and struggle has given voice to his enduring spirit and gratitude. With a twinkle in his eye and good rhythm on the guitar, Shan Coleman inspires us all to celebrate life.


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Shan Coleman